New Brunswick has the worst legal aid system according to the Canadian Bar Association. Currently legal aid will not provide legal services for anyone who is charged with a summary offence. Without legal representation the likelihood of being found guilty of the offence is high. Summary offences can net jail time if found guilty. Law is a rich man's game.

Charles LeBlanc's Legal Defence Fund
On Behalf of Charles Leblanc, and the trustees for the Charles Leblanc Legal Trust Fund we would like to thank all those who have generously contributed 4,580$  to the trust fund and those who donated countless of hours of technical and paralegal support many thanks. Without the collaborative efforts everyone we could not have successfully assured a fair trial for Charles. Judge Dickson at the conclusion of the May 4th trial announced that he will deliver his decision of not guilty or guilty on June 29, 2016.

The Judge returned a decision of not guilty of assult, here is the CBC report Charles LeBlanc found not guilty of assaulting busker
Once again thank everyone who support the cause, without your generous contributions a fair trail would not have been possible.

Financial Report July 2016

Financial Statement LegalFund by André Faust on Scribd

Charles LeBlanc's Legal Defence Fund